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The best motion graphics app for Android Smartphone’s and tablets is Alight Motion pro. Both iOS and Android are supported. However, here we discuss and provide only Alight Motion Mod for Android devices. If you are looking for the best motion graphics, video graphics, professional video, editing photos, for your Smartphone, then Alight Motion Apk is the best choices apk for you. Premium spotify apk it builds for a professional graphic designer who has created designs for professional use. Don’t worry because we are going to introduce the best motion graphics, mod apps which is Alight Motion MOD APK. There are also some very useful features apk editor that are available for free.

Alight Motion MOD APK Pro Latest All Premium Features
Alight motion
Alight Motion Pro
Modes Apk

Basically, it provides you modes apk with all the advanced motion graphics and video editing tools. Moreover, the software is designed for apk editor both novice and experienced users. So, if you want to be a graphic designer and are looking for the best app, download Alight Motion mod apk and create your imagination in graphic form.

An excellent mod apps for everything animation and motion graphics related is Alight Motion. It is also a simple and lightweight programmed when compared to its functionality. Alight Motion MOD APK is designed for both novices and individuals. So, if you are new to graphic design and animation creation, picsart, you can use this app. You can easily use all the tools to create such amazing graphics and animation. Open up your imagination and showcase your abilities.

Additional Information

App NameAlight Motion Pro
DeveloperAlight Creative
GenreVideo Player & Editor
Size102 MB
Latest Version4.4.8.7742
Requires6.0 and up
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
No Watermark
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What is Alight Motion Pro?

Alight Creative, Inc.’s Alight Motion is a Smartphone-based video editing programmer. In 2018, the mod apps was first published on the Google Play Store with version 1.0.0 and in the next year 2019, it was also published on the Apple App Store. The company “Alight Creative Inc.” Registered in 2019 when they realize this app will be popular. Alight Motion Mod Apk is an Android app where users can create motion graphics, create animations, and edit videos with powerful tools. You can use the application completely free of charge.

Alight Motion MOD APK Pro Latest Version
Alight Motion APK
apk editor
modes apk

There are no restrictions on the use of features and editing tools. Alight Motion hack includes a huge gallery of effects and also no watermark. And Modes Apk provides more extra options to help you create your design and edit video professionally Artificial Intelligence (Ai). The app is easy to download and set up on your Smartphone. It also provides amazing features and with these features you can edit videos and motion like a apk pro.


Alight Motion Pc Key Frame Animation
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alight motion happymod
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Alight Motion Vector Graphics
alight motion apk
alight motion apk mod
modes apk
Alight Motion Color Adjustment
motion graphics
alight motion
alight motion happymod
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modes apk
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Alight Motion Blending Modes
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alight motion without watermark 
alight motion unlocked
Alight Motion Aspect Ratio
alight motion
alight motion apk
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alight motion happymod
Alight Motion Visual Effects
alight motion pro
alight motion mod apk
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premium spotify apk

Professional and Quality Features of Alight Motion Pro

A mobile app’s features are more important than other factors enter it is because of its features that users judge it and determine whether it is good or terrible. Therefore, Alight Motion offers everything a user needs to produce video of high quality. As a quality mobile app, Alight Motion apk is confident that the features they provide will help you with every single question a user goes through.

  • No Watermark
  • Ads Removed
  • Key frame Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Unlimited Effects
  • Multiple Layers
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Color Adjustment
  • Blending Modes
Alight Motion MOD APK Pro

No Watermark

The free version comes with limited resources, so if you’re making some professional videos, the alight motion watermark won’t bother you. Although it can be removed through a premium subscription, if you don’t want to spend money, get the latest version of Alight Motion Apk for your phone.
Thanks to this, you can create videos freely, and after exporting the final video, not a single watermark will appear. In short, there is an endless opportunity to show your true skills at a professional level.

Alight Motion MOD Apk Pro Latest Version

Unlimited Effects

The free version pro apk is usually limited by the same amount of features that limit your wings of creativity. In addition, you cannot bring up high-quality elements, shapes, media, sound, and objects. Plus, you get plenty of freehand drawing options to design elements as per your requirements.
On the other hand, you don’t have to pay a single penny to unlock the exciting features of this video editing app. All you have to do is start by choosing a project layout and you’re ready to let your creativity blossom on the wide canvas of Alight Motion Pro.

Alight Motion PC ipad iphones ios

Ads Removed

Due to the premium model, you have to watch ads while implementing your project. It’s pretty annoying when you’re in a workflow state and an ad distracts you from unnecessary things. This not only reduces productivity, but also makes you prone to procrastination. However, once you MOD APK download, you don’t have to worry about anything.
Easily create new projects and start sharing your professional work without being bothered by ad notifications. As a result, you will achieve a better workflow and end up doing the task with enthusiasm.

Alight Motion MOD Apk Pro Latest version multiple layers

Multiple Layers

Alight Motion is known for its diverse layer on the video timeline, from which you can use various audio-visual effects, functions, filters and elements in your video. However, if you want to take advantage of the multi-layered features, you have to pay a premium to get the item you want to add.
Moreover, you can easily design a college with different phones and background music. With Alight Motion Pro, anything is possible. But you have to think creatively to implement all these multi-layered features.

Alight Motion MOD Apk pro version keyframe animation

Key frame Animation

Alight Motion helps you edit your video animation frame by frame to make it as detailed or as simple as you want. Key frames and motion controls allow you to add custom elements, position objects, and change speed frames between them. Alight Motion Pro offers complete control over editing the entire animation with almost any imaginable detail.
You don’t need any prior animation skills, and it is simple to use. You can simply drag and drop to create a sequence of different images. Each photo is then displayed at a certain time interval, creating the illusion that the animation is moving.

Alight Motion APK PRO premium unlocked

Premium Unlocked

The Pro apk version feature makes the video editing features more robust compared to the free version. But you don’t need to buy any premium subscription like Alight Motion Pro, you can create professional videos without any hassle. In the Pro version, you have to pay from the in-app purchase options from $2 to $36.
But you don’t have to hold back, you get everything for free. We all know that you have just started your content creation journey on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. With this extensive video editing tool, you can launch your career smoothly.

How to Download Alight Motion MOD APK Pro?

Once you have downloaded the Apk on your device, make sure you need to install it. Then you can create videos without watermark and use all its premium features. If you are not familiar with the installation process, follow our step-by-step instructions.

  • Open this URL in your device’s browser.
  • To download Alight Motion Mod Apk, click on the top download icon and wait for the countdown to start.
  • Then click on the Apk file in File Manager after opening it.
  • An Install button will appear. However, sometimes there is a problem and you have to select Settings.
  • Click “Unknown sources” to enable them and then click back.
  • After pressing the Install button, wait a while.
Alight Motion Pro Download & Install
Alight Motion Pro
Alight Motion Mod Apk
modes apk

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion Pro


Simple, clean and user-friendly interface.
Save previous elements for reuse.
Fluid animation support.
Good customer support.
It works smoothly on every device platform.


Issues with tiles and key frames.
Bugs and crashes that occasionally disrupt editing processes.
Freezing tiles and key frames.
It sometimes lags when editing audio.
Exporting audio files takes considerable time.

Available languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese and Korean, etc.

Alight Motion Pro

Final Verdict

It looks like we have reached the end from our end and I hope you understand the attributes of Alight Creative Motion. You can add various elements to your videos without paying any cost. If you’re new to the field and don’t know much about video editing and post-production, but have limited funds, Alight Motion Pro provides a premium version.

The best thing about this app is that you get a simple user interface with lots of custom elements that take your skills to the next level. Plus, the app is trusted by millions of users, so it’s worth checking out.

On the other hand, if you face any problems while downloading or installing this application, please let us know about the problem in the following section so that we can get a solution as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Yes, you can access the premium features of Alight Motion with the modified app. You don’t need to worry about subscription fees to unlock all the exciting audiovisual attributes.

The primary requirements to download and install Alight Motion APK via an Android Smartphone is that the phone should be running Android 4.0+ and have enough internal memory to support the app.

The best way to get the latest Alight Motion APK updates is given on this website. As soon as the developer releases a new version of the Google Play Store, you can access these outstanding features. Additionally, you can bookmark this page to stay current.

Yes, using Alight Motion Mod will provide impressive custom features to kick start your career as a content creator. At the same time, the application is safe to use and we have thoroughly checked everything before uploading to this site. So there is no need to worry about errors and mistakes.

Alight Motion Mod APK is undoubtedly much better than the regular Apk because it renders all the features that require a premium subscription, but here you get everything for free. That’s why users refer to the modded version compared to the official Apk.

High quality video, image, and audio editing are the main priorities of this professional video editor. Alight Motion also specializes in producing GIF animations, motion graphics, and other comparable media kinds. Innovative visual effects, unique filters and effects, video compositing, thorough video editing, and much more are all produced by Alight Motion.

There are numerous benefits to using light motion when editing videos. Its quick and simple operation is one of the primary factors. Additionally, it includes an intuitive user interface that makes editing videos simple for everyone. The software is also very affordable and won’t cost you a lot of money.

Alight Motion is a programmer for editing videos that aids in the production of excellent animated animations. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to make their videos more engaging and professional.

Everything you need to make a great video is included in this programmer. You can use it to adjust the timing, colors and audio levels of your video, as well as add text overlays and transitions. Additionally, it offers templates for producing stop-motion and comic book-style animation, among other types of animation.

Animation videos are produced using the motion graphics programmer Alight Motion. For individuals who want to make their own animated videos and use animation to deliver the message they desire, this is a terrific tool.

Adobe after Effects, which was created for professionals in the film, video, and broadcast industries, is an alternative to Alight Motion. It offers a vast array of resources and countless creative options. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Power Director, and Sony Vegas Pro are some more Alight Motion alternatives.

Officially, alight motion for PC is not available. But you can download alight motion for Windows PC and Mac using emulator. To install alight motion on your PC correctly, go to our guide.